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About Us Southport

About Us Southport

Catherine Morato

Centre Manager

Catherine Morato has over 20 years’ experience in the Early Learning and Education industry and is a university-trained teacher. She holds a Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Teaching and is passionate about early childhood education. Catherine also holds an Advanced Diploma in Leadership and Management (Community Sector) and is currently completing a Certificate 4 in Training and Assessment.

She commenced her career in Early Childhood Education from an assistant capacity and continued to study until she completed her teaching degree. Catherine has worked in various roles in the Early Childhood and Education sector including teaching, Centre Director, Operations Manager, University Advisor, and Centre Manager.

Catherine believes in the importance of play based learning theory in children’s development and learning including. She is passionate about the Abecedarian Approach which highlights the importance of language in everyday interactions which supports children’s Literacy and Numeracy learning outcomes.

Catherine believes that children are capable learners that thrive in early childhood settings when relationships between family and educators are well-established with open communication.

Educators professional development and growth is one of her passions and mentors each educator to reach their full potential. She believes in providing Educators regular professional development to ensure that learning programs, theories and early childhood philosophies reflect new and contemporary practices that enrich children’s learning and development.
Natasha Torelli My Cubby House Child Care Centre Southport

Natasha Torelli

Assistant Director

Natasha has been working in the Early Childhood Education sector for over 20 years across all ages. She began her Early Childhood Education career as an assistant educator, before becoming a group leader in 2013. After teaching the wonderful children of Junior Kindy 1 for 18 months, she stepped up to become Educational Leader before making the transition to Assistant Director in August 2020. She is passionate about children’s education and assisting our educators in the implementation of our National Framework. Natasha holds a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care and is currently studying an Advanced Diploma in Community Sector – Leadership and Management.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with my family, watching movies, attending singing and dancing lessons.

About Us Southport

Sharon Haywood

Senior Admin

Sharon has been working in the childcare industry since 2011 and holds a diploma in Early Childhood Education & Care. Prior to this, she worked for a bank in England and a government department in New Zealand, before taking a career break to raise a family here in Australia. After 7 years working as a Lead Educator in the baby & toddler rooms, she jumped ship back into an administrative role within the management team here at My Cubby House.

She now feels that she has the best of both worlds – She gets to emerge herself in accounts but she still has the pleasure of working with children!

About Us Southport

Shae Colbran

Educational Leader

Shae Colbran has worked in the Early Childhood Education sector for 13 years and holds a diploma in Early Childhood Education. In this time, she took a short break to have her own children who are now 7 & 9. She has worked at My Cubby House since 2016 and was originally group leader in Junior Kindy and given the opportunity to step up into the Educational Leader role.

Over the years at My Cubby House, she has attended many training sessions.  Shae is always willing to learn and further develop her skills as she feels it is our job as Educators to ensure that each child receives early intervention for a right start to their education. Therefore, she truly believes in the abecedarian approach and how this can help each child through enriched language interactions.

Shae is passionate about teaching and developing a positive relationship with educators and families. I believe it is important to provide a curriculum that has a holistic approach and supports a child’s development, interests, and wellbeing from diverse cultures and backgrounds which links in perfectly with my belief in the abecedarian approach. Shae is looking forward to sharing and mentoring the Educators at My Cubby House to work toward embedding Early Childhood educational perspectives and providing the children with enriched caregiving, language priority, Conversational reading and Learning Games which are all strategies of the abecedarian approach.

Teresa Brosas My Cubby House Child Care Centre Southport

Teresa Brosas

Early Childhood Teacher, Pre-Prep 1

Hello families, my name is Miss Teresa and I am the Pre-prep 1 teacher. I have been in child care for over 10 years and 7 years as ECT. I received my Bachelor’s Degree from Griffith University in 2011 and have been working in the Early Childhood sector since then. I thoroughly enjoy my role as ECT and believe that this age plays a vital role in what children learn for life and thus feel strongly about my role in helping them be prepared as much as possible for the “real world”.

I am passionate about teaching and developing a positive relationship with both my students and their families. I also believe that working together with the families helps create positive role modelling for the child which develop better outcomes for all specially for the children. I am looking forward to working collaboratively with you and getting to know you and your children.

Miss Teresa

Amy Haynes My Cubby House Child Care Centre Southport

Amy Haynes

Early Childhood Teacher, Pre-Prep 2

Hi, my name is Amy and I am the Early Childhood Teacher for Pre-Prep 1 at My Cubby House Early Learning. I hold a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education degree. I have worked in the industry for 11 years, including working within remote indigenous communities in the Northern territory.

I believe that it is important to create a classroom that is welcoming and positive where children can learn from one another, feel safe and comfortable and are able to share their thoughts and ideas. I believe it is important to provide a curriculum that is holistic and supports a child’s development, interests and wellbeing of children from diverse cultures and backgrounds. I believe each child is individually unique and that we need to enrich and enhance their early years by providing a safe, stimulating and supportive environment.

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Elena Sapkaroski


Elena is the receptionist at My Cubby House Early Leaning. She completed her Business diploma qualification at the young age of 17 years old. She worked in the administration industry since 2018 and through this time she has been able to gain lots of experience from a range of firms around the Gold Coast.

She believes in quality customer service and that first impressions are vital in maintaining a good relationship with families as she is the first from of contact families experience.  Elena is passionate in what she does and believes in creating a bond by welcoming everyone with open arms is rewarding. Even though she doesn’t have experience in the children’s rooms she is family driven/orientated person that has a nurturing nature. When she’s not keeping busy with work you can find her having fun with my friends.

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Marie Bernardo

Educator - Kindy Fitness Instructor

My name is Marie Bernardo, and i’m originally from a small suburb called Berala in Sydney, Australia. I enjoy reading. gardening and anything chocolate!

I moved up to the Gold Coast only 3 years ago, where i started my journey to becoming a childhood educator.

Since then, i have completed my Certificate 3 from TAFE, now own 2 dogs named Bella and Haggis, and have become an Educator in the Adventurers Alley Room.

I also lead the Kindy Fitness program every Monday, where my focus is to cultivate courage, imagination and expression in our young learners through dance and music!

I thoroughly enjoy my role as an educator thus far and the experiences i am able to share with the children everyday. For this, i have a deep appreciation for the My Cubby House community and the people who i have met and have mentored me along the way. Go Team!

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Lynn Gu

Educator- Language ( Mandarin Teacher)

Dear MCH families,

My name is Lynn Gu, I came to Australia from Shenzhen China 8 years ago. Shenzhen is a lovely city located in southeast China. I was an award-winning dance & music teacher in primary schools for 18 years in Shenzhen China. As a Permanent Resident of Gold Coast, I have had the privilege of serving My Cubby House Early Learning Centre since 2018. Having a passion for working with young children, I am now holding a diploma of early childhood education after a few years of studies with TAFE Queensland.

Mandarin is my first language and I would love to share my culture and the joy of learning my language with others by teaching the young children. Learning another language in the early years promotes healthy childhood development, and many of the cognitive and social benefits will last a lifetime. Mandarin is well known as one of the hardest languages to learn. I will be committed to plan and prepare thoroughly for each lesson, making sure the learning process is fun and exciting.

It is my absolute pleasure to have the opportunity to be your child’s Mandarin teacher here at MCH.Thank you in advance for your support in helping me assist your child to learn. I look forward to delivering fun lessons with your child in the future.

.Xie Xie!



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Jason Kozilek

Educator - "Music with Mr Jason"

Hi, My Name is Jason. I have been working in Early Learning Education for approximately 8 years.

I hold a cert 3 in children services and have been in My Cubby House Early Learning for about 4.5 years.

I currently care for the children in our Toddlers rooms. During the week on Fridays, I bring my guitar and share music lessons with all the age groups from Nursery to Pre-prep.

I have played guitar for 35 years and learnt from a local country performer and later I taught myself though music magazines. It has surprised me how each and every child at My Cubby House really enjoys my music sessions and are always excited about it.

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Janneth Ibanez


I’m Janneth (Jan) Ibanez, a mother of two lovely boys and one of the lead educators at My Cubby House.  I have a double major in Teaching (Early Childhood Education) and in Psychology, and has many years experience, working in various early childhood settings such as not for profit, council and university-run centres.

I am deeply committed in advocating for young children and their rights, particularly to early education, as I believe that the first 5 years are crucial in their learning and development. This formative years form as building blocks, impacting their attitude towards learning as well as their self-esteem.

I believe that ‘strong partnerships with families and the community’ help in promoting strong and independent children. Through secure attachments and strong relationships, we help develop these amazing individuals to become the scientists that they are- inquisitive, playful and innovative; actively engaging in various project work, using both indoor and outdoor play spaces.

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Kirsten Webber

Sustainability Champion

My name is Kirsten Webber and I am an educator in Braveheart Boulevards 1. I am originally from Adelaide and began my child care career with My Cubby House over a year ago. I have two beautiful sons who keep me busy and I spend my spare time going to soccer games and riding motorbikes

I lead the Sustainability program and committee at My Cubby House and commit to working with our educators to create and provide a sustainable environment. We believe in embedding sustainable practices into our daily routines and educational programs by teaching children how to care for the environment.

I have just finished my Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care, and I am excited to start my Bachelor in Early Childhood in July 2021! I am passionate about Early Intervention, Special Needs Education and Autism. My director and work colleagues have been very supportive of goals and have mentored me the whole way. I am truly blessed to be a part of the MCH team.