Free Kindy in Queensland


Embracing the Future of Early Education: Free Kindy in Queensland

From January 2024, a significant evolution in early childhood education is set to unfold across Queensland. The state government is introducing free kindergarten, known affectionately as ‘kindy’, for all eligible children. This landmark initiative promises to enrich the learning journey of countless young minds.

The Essence of Free Kindy

At its core, the free kindy program is about offering 15 hours per week of quality early education over 40 weeks a year, at no cost to families. This program is part of the Queensland Government’s commitment to ensure every child enjoys a strong start in their educational journey.

Kindy is more than just a precursor to formal schooling; it’s a vibrant, nurturing space where children can make friends, engage with new environments, and partake in activities that foster their holistic development. From imaginative play and nature exploration to group learning and early literacy, kindy offers a world of opportunities for young learners.

Free Kindy’s Role in Child Development

The benefits of free kindy extend beyond financial relief for families. It supports children’s early learning, wellbeing, and development. In these formative years, kindy lays the foundation for lifelong learning, providing children with the tools they need to thrive in the ever-evolving world around them.

Accessing Free Kindy

Beginning in 2024, free kindy will be available to all eligible children in Queensland. Parents can use resources like the Free Kindy Finder to locate a government-approved kindergarten program near them. This initiative is not just about making kindergarten accessible; it’s about ensuring that every child, regardless of background, has an equal opportunity for quality early education.

The My Cubby House Early Learning Advantage

At My Cubby House Early Learning, we are proud to be part of this transformative initiative. Our Queensland Approved Kindergarten Program aligns with the Queensland kindergarten learning guideline, ensuring that our curriculum and teaching practices meet the highest standards of early education. The ‘kindy tick’ is a mark of quality and assurance that your child will receive the best possible start in their educational journey.

Looking to the Future

The introduction of free kindy is a significant step towards a brighter future for Queensland’s children. It represents a commitment to equality, quality education, and the belief that every child deserves the best start in life.

If you’re a parent considering this wonderful opportunity for your child, we invite you to contact My Cubby House Early Learning on 07 5527 1679 to discuss eligibility and how we can support your child’s early learning journey. With free kindy, we are not just nurturing the minds of young learners; we are shaping the future, one child at a time.

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