Learning Environments

My Cubby House Early Learning offers nine spacious, age-appropriate classrooms where children are encouraged to learn and develop their skills.

Our centre is different from any other with beautiful light-filled rooms, adjoining playgrounds to every classroom and an array of resources to keep your child stimulated and continuously learning new skills.  We welcome you to come and see for yourself.

My Cubby House caters to children aged 6 weeks to 6 years. We have 9 rooms that are grouped according to children ages. Each child’s learning and development is individualised and designed to maximise their learning potential. Included in your daily fee are Meals, Nappies (0-2 yrs. only) and Inservice extracurricular activities such as Language, music, kindy fitness and kids in the garden programs.

Our unique play areas offer each room and age group additional play areas to explore giving them plenty of space to move, learn and interact. We have additional enclosed indoor/outdoor play areas that provide additional space to run our indoor and outdoor programs providing children choices.

Nursery Child Care (6 weeks to 15 months – Educator to child ratio of 1:4)

Our two nursery rooms provide a stimulating, nurturing environment for our littlest charges. The children have a spacious, bright and airy space to grow and develop as well as their own outdoor area designed specifically for our youngest adventurers. Our adjoining cot room allows babies to sleep in a peaceful environment, yet still under the watchful eyes of our caring nursery staff. Your child’s home routine will always be considered to create a consistent environment where your baby will feel safe and thrive.


Toddler Child Care (15 months to 2 years – Educator to child ratio of 1:4)

Our two toddler rooms are specially designed and appropriately-resourced to inspire our inquisitive toddlers to explore. Age-specific activities allow children to grow and develop in the beginning stages of their learning. Language lessons and physical activity classes begin in the toddler age group. Both rooms have direct access to our boat playground and one of the indoor/outdoor spaces, so they can transition freely to the open air during the day. Children in this room are beginning to follow a flexible routine including activity, meal and sleep times however children’s individual needs will always be considered.


Junior Kindergarten (2 years to 3 years – Educator to child ratio of 1:5)

High ceilings and plenty of natural sunlight are distinct features of our two junior kindy rooms. The spacious indoor environment with direct access to the boat and tractor playgrounds provide varied opportunities for each child to further broaden their learning and develop their skills.


Senior Kindergarten (3 years to 4 years – Educator to child ratio of 1:11)

Children in our senior kindy room once again have access to a bright and airy space with direct access to both the sports and tractor playgrounds. Further learning opportunities are provided in this room to prepare children for Pre-Prep including the Kids in the Garden Program.


Pre-Prep Kindergarten (4 years to school-age – Educator to child ratio of 1:11)

Our Centre is a Government-Approved Kindergarten Program provider. Children in our two pre-prep rooms have access to University-trained Early Childhood Teachers to help prepare them for that important next step into school. Interactive whiteboards broaden their opportunity for learning and allow children to become familiar with technology. Our pre-prep rooms adjoin to both indoor and outdoor play spaces allowing children to transition to active play throughout the day.



Children’s early learning happens everywhere, at home, in centres, parks and even shops. Young children develop at an extremely fast pace and everything they encounter offers a new learning experience.

Research shows that children who start ahead tend to stay ahead. Significant differences in children’s development are evident by the age of two and have a tendency not to close over time. The early years provide the foundation for the rest of a child’s life.

Children are born ready to learn and the best learning happens in nurturing, positive, stimulating environments. That’s why high-quality early learning centres are so important. By creating these environments, we’re providing the best opportunities for children to fulfil their potential.

Yes, if you have already made up your mind and know My Cubby House Early Learning is the right choice for your child, please call or fill out the form here and we will send you a downloadable copy of our enrolment documents.