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At My Cubby House Early Learning, we offer a play-based learning program and curriculum that reflects the Early Years Learning Framework.

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Our curriculum is based on the research of the most renowned education experts. Designed by our education team, it’s created to support these important early years, to inspire children to be bold explorers today and joyful, confident learners for life. We believe that children learn best through play and are inspired by child-based learning. We have several different areas of play in each of our groups.

About the Early Years Learning Framework

Fundamental to the Early Years Learning Framework is a view of children’s lives as characterised by belonging, being and becoming. From before birth children are connected to family, communities, culture and place. Their earliest learning, development and wellbeing takes place through these relationships, particularly within families, who are children’s first and most influential educators. 

As children participate in everyday life, they construct their own identities and understandings of the world. Educators engage children in learning that promotes confidence, creativity and enables active citizenship. 

They celebrate diversity with children and their families, and the opportunities diversity brings to know more about the world. Educators understand children may come from diverse backgrounds and acknowledge this in each child’s Belonging, Being and Becoming.


Experiencing belonging – knowing where and with whom you belong – is integral to human existence. Children belong to diverse families, neighbourhoods, local and global communities. Belonging acknowledges children’s interdependence with others and the basis of relationships in defining identities. In early childhood, and throughout life, trusting relationships and affirming experiences are crucial to a sense of belonging. Belonging is central to being and becoming in that it shapes who children are and who they can become.


Childhood is a time to be, to seek and make meaning of the world. Being recognises the significance of the present, as well as the past in children’s lives. It is about children knowing themselves, developing their identity, building and maintaining relationships with others, engaging with life’s joys and complexities, and meeting challenges in everyday life. The early childhood years are not solely preparation for the future but also about children being in the here and now.


Children’s identities, knowledge, understandings, dispositions, capabilities, skills and relationships change during childhood. They are shaped by different events and circumstances. Becoming reflects this process of rapid and significant change that occurs in the early years as children learn and grow. It emphasises the collaboration of educators, families and children to support and enhance children’s connections and capabilities, and for children to actively participate as citizens.

Elements of the Early Years Learning Framework

This diagram shows the integrated connections of the Vision, Principles, Practices and Learning Outcomes that centre on children’s learning, development and wellbeing. Belonging, Being and Becoming overlap all
these elements.

Early Years Framework My Cubby House Childcare Southport Gold Coast

Our Curriculum Elements

abecedarian learning my cubby house early learning gold coast

Abecedarian Approach

3a is a set of evidence-based teaching and learning strategies for early childhood educators and parents to use with children from birth to five. Click to learn more.

Circle of

The Circle of Security is a visual map of attachment. The “father” of attachment theory, John Bowlby, said this about attachment: "Intimate attachments to other human beings are the hub around which a person's life revolves, not only as an infant or a toddler or a schoolchild but throughout adolescence and years of maturity as well, and on into old age. Click to learn more.

Sustainability Program

Our Kids in the Garden and Sustainability Program provides children with opportunity to engage in experiences to learn about the natural world. We use the integrated school health resources to support the program.

Early Years
Learning Framework

At MCH we implement the EYLF in all our classrooms from 0-5 years using the 5 learning outcomes, principles and practices. It guides educators in their curriculum decision-making and assists in planning, implementing and evaluating quality in early childhood settings. Click to learn more.

Loose Parts

Loose parts play is a type of play with objects that can be moved, carried, combined, redesigned, lined up, and taken apart and put back together in multiple ways. Loose parts play helps children develop creative and critical thinking skills by encouraging them to use their imagination and experiment with new ideas freely. Click to learn more.

Action Plan

Jingeri! “We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the Land on which our service stands and pay respect to Elders past, present, and future, on whose Land we play and learn. Here are the mountains, here is the sea, here are my friends, come play with me.” At My Cubby House, we endeavour to work together to contribute to a truly reconciled Australia.

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