Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy Southport

At My Cubby House Early Learning, we aim to provide children and families with an atmosphere that is warm, welcoming, nurturing and supportive where children are valued and encouraged to develop to their full potential.

Our commitment and promise to all our families, children, educators and wider community is as follows:

Commitment to Children

We believe in promoting resilience, a sense of belonging and identity, self-worth, secure attachments and warm trusting relationships through positive behaviour guidance and engaged interactions.

We believe that children are capable and resourceful learners by allowing children to be themselves, develop their sense of agency and nurture their interests.

We believe in creating a safe, welcoming and stimulating learning environment allowing children to develop motor and cognitive skills naturally by offering play based learning opportunities in an enriching environment.

Commitment to Families

We believe in transparent communication with our families and respect parents as being the most important influence in their children’s lives and therefore are a valuable resource that brings with them a sense of their culture, diverse background and uniqueness into the centre environment.

We believe in building positive relationships with our families building honesty, trust and respect.

Commitment to Curriculum & Learning Environments

We believe in meaningful and nurturing interactions that scaffolds children’s learning using the abecedarian approach.

We believe that each child’s interests, family life, and culture should be the foundation of the educational program and reflected in learning environments.

We believe in Risky play environments that allow children to take calculated risk enabling them to explore boundaries, problem solve, build resilience and resistance, understand consequences to actions for life long learning and development.

We believe a learning environment should act as a third teacher, providing a safe, clean, calm and well-maintained play area, encouraging independence and is well-resourced with a balance between both natural and manmade resources.

Commitment to Community

We believe in the importance of building community links with local family support services, allied health services and early intervention programs to support children’s wellbeing and developmental needs.

We believe in giving back to the local community by supporting charities and engaging with relevant local and council events.

We believe in utilising MCH diverse in- house community for guidance and support in extending knowledge, building cultural competency and sharing cultures.

Commitment to a Sustainable Environment

We believe in embedding sustainable practices within our daily routines and educational programs by teaching children how to care for the environment as part of our environmental commitment and responsibility.

Commitment to Ongoing Improvement and Professional Development

We believe in the importance of ongoing critical reflection to reflect on practices, policies and procedures.

We believe in professional collaboration where management, educators and staff challenge and learn from each other to ensure professional growth and developing skills and knowledge.