Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy Southport

At My Cubby House Early Learning, we aim to provide children and families with an atmosphere that is warm, welcoming, nurturing and supportive where children are valued and encouraged to develop to their full potential.

Our commitment and promise to all our families, children, educators and wider community is as follows:

Children’s Image, Learning and Development

  • We believe that all children are capable and involved learners that need guidance, support and a stimulating learning environment that builds on their strength.
  • We will promote each child’s confidence and positive self-image through a range of experiences and learning opportunities that build upon their knowledge, skills and development for lifelong learning.
  • We will encourage each child to reach their full potential by scaffolding and extending on their skills and development through play-based learning and environment.
  • We implement a holistic approach to learning within an integrated program that incorporates all areas of child development and learning.
  • We will build sense of agency, independence and self-help skills for lifelong learning.

Families as Our Partners – It takes a village to raise a child

  • We encourage families to engage in meaningful participation within the program and Centre events.
  • We celebrate the cultural diversity amongst our families, educators and wider community and promote cultural competency within the Centre program and events.
  • We build trusting relationships, work collaboratively and have open communication with families as partners in caring for their children.

Educators – Commitment to Ongoing Professional Development

  • We provide welcoming, warm, nurturing and safe learning environments and routines for all families and children.
  • We will ensure that educators are committed and dedicated to early childhood education and care programs and support children and families by providing learning environments and educational programs that support children’s learning and development.
  • We will ensure that ongoing professional critical reflection are conducted to build on current skills and knowledge of early childhood education and care practices.
  • We will ensure that educators have opportunities to extend their knowledge and build on their skills by providing ongoing professional development.

Wider Community – In Partnership

  • We promote sustainable practices and learning programs that teach children to care for their world, environment and community.
  • We establish strong connections within the community, local schools and council in supporting children and family’s needs.
  • We will develop strong professional partnerships with local family support groups to ensure that families are supported through referrals to relevant community services.

Leadership and Management

  • We will provide an Early Childhood Education and Care Service that exemplifies high standards and exceeds expectations of families and the community.
  • We will ensure that Early Childhood Education and Care regulations, including child health and safety practices are always implemented and followed within the service.
  • We will ensure that Centre Policies and Procedures are regularly reviewed with input and feedback from families and educators.
  • Our management team will be knowledgeable, friendly, approachable and supportive and appreciate each family’s uniqueness and varied needs.