Free Kindy – QLD Approved Kindergarten Program

At My Cubby House Early Learning, we are proud to offer the Free Kindy, Queensland Kindergarten approved educational program.

Free Kindy

About the

Queensland Government Free Kindy Approved Program

A Free Kindergarten Approved Program refers to a program that meets the government's standards for providing quality early childhood education to children. These programs are available in various settings such as kindergarten services, long day care services, and limited-hours care services.

To qualify as a free kindergarten program, the program must meet the following criteria:

  • It should be intended for children who are aged four by 30th June in the year they start and are in the year before Prep.
  • It should be offered for a minimum of 15 hours per week for 40 weeks or the equivalent of one school year.
  • It should be play-based, which means that it uses play as a means of learning.
  • It should be delivered by a qualified early childhood teacher who has completed a bachelor's degree in early childhood education or an equivalent qualification.
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early years learning framework - free kindy

Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines

The QKLG supports kindergarten teachers’ professional practice in a range of contexts across Queensland.

It adopts the vision of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) that ‘all children experience learning that is engaging and builds success for life’.

The QKLG provides specificity for children’s learning across the year before starting school, recognising that children bring with them diverse identities and backgrounds. It acknowledges that parents/carers are children’s first teachers and values the vital role families play in children’s lives and their ongoing learning. The term ‘families’ is used throughout the guideline to recognise the range of people who take on parenting roles.

The QKLG provides a framework aligned to the EYLF and is designed to support teachers to plan and implement quality teaching and learning.  

You can learn more about the QLKG framework here.

Free Kindy For All Program (QKF) - For Children in Kindergarten Crossing Rooms

The government has provided further funding to support families with children who are age eligible to attend the kindy approved program the year before they go to primary school. 

Here at MCH we run 2 kindy approved programs and have passed on to families funding benefits for eligible children attending the program such as the Free Kindy program. The Free Kindy program provides free kindy for 15 hours per week for 40 weeks of the year.  All incursions & excursions are now included in the daily fee and covered by the funding. 

Child Eligibility Criteria:

  • At least for 4 years of age by June 30 in the year commencing kindergarten.
  • Must attend an Approved Kindergarten Program for a minimum of 15 hours a week.

Want to know more?

  • You can learn more about the Free Kindy program from the Qld Government website here.
  • The Australian Childcare Association QLD has funded and supported a Free Kindy calculator for use by all Queensland ECEC services! This free tool is available for services to use to make it simple to calculate the gap fee. Access the calculator here.

Included Incursions and Excursions

At My Cubby House Early Learning, we offer a range of incursions and excursions that are included in the daily fees for all eligible children, free of charge. These activities are designed to be inclusive and accessible for all, providing exciting opportunities for children to learn and grow.


  • Chinese New Year Show
  • Healthy Harold
  • African Drumming
  • Mindful Munchkins
  • Recycle man show
  • Ocean life Show
  • Bush Tukka Dreaming
  • Brave Heart Show


  • Swimming Program- GC Aquatic centre
  • Nature play @ MCH- Broadwater Parklands
  • Local Library
  • Aged care visits
  • Woolworths Fresh Food tour
  • Local community visits
  • Peacharoos
  • Little Garden Growers

Transition Statements

Transition statements contain important information about each child’s learning and development in kindergarten and include suggestions that will support each child’s continued learning when they start school.

A transition statement summarises a child’s learning in the five learning and development areas of the Queensland kindergarten learning guideline or other equivalent and accredited learning guideline.

It is an expectation that approved and funded kindergarten providers complete a written transition statement for each child enrolled in their program in November of the kindergarten year, and provide this to families.

Parents, carers, and children contribute to the transition statement describing their child’s strengths, challenges, motivations, and achievements.

Early education and care services, families, and schools can use the information in the transition statement to discuss and plan for children’s successful transition to school.

Every kindy follows a similar process when developing a child’s transition statement. For a detailed look at the steps involved and the roles of parents/carers, kindy teachers and schools throughout the process, refer to the transition statement flow chart (PDF, 125KB).

The Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) website provides detailed information on how valuable transition statements are, the use, development, and the role of parents/carers.

Source: https://earlychildhood.qld.gov.au/early-years/transitions/moving-to-school/transition-statements

Tailored Transitions

Tailored transitions are an additional process for children who have additional support needs transitioning to a school environment. This process assists families and children including Kindy teachers receiving them to have a smooth and well-planned transition through effective communication and planning.

Tailored Transition Objectives

  • Plan and enact an individualised Tailored Transition for children transitioning to school
  • Collaborative partnerships between the Team Around the Child and parent/carer
  • “Ready for school” families, ECEC settings, schools, key agencies and the wider community
  • Inclusive and ready school sector
  • Quality age appropriate pedagogy approaches and adjustments at school
  • Prioritising the early identification, enrolment and transition, of children from Kindergarten to school who require individualised support
  • Educational support plans in place before the commencement of the new school year
  • Engaging families to play an active role in their child’s learning, development and transition
  • Continuity of learning and reduction in exclusions and disruptions to learning

For more information, download the Tailored Transition to School Toolkit pdf.

Want to know more about QKF Funding?

If you have questions about your child’s eligibility for the QKF Funding, or you have questions about your child’s transition to school, why not book a tour of our centre where our Educational Leaders will be more than happy to provide all of the information you require?

Free Kindy