The First Steps to Literacy: Reading and Writing in Early Childhood

The First Steps to Literacy Reading and Writing in Early Childhood

Reading and Writing in Early Childhood

At My Cubby House Early Learning, we believe that the journey into literacy is a crucial adventure in a child’s life. Our dedicated approach to early reading and writing paves the way for successful lifelong learning, aligning perfectly with our ethos of nurturing and growth.

Creating a Foundation for Literacy

The My Cubby House Approach:

  1. Integrating early literacy development into daily activities.
  2. Emphasising language skills in early childhood through interactive storytelling and play.
  3. Tailoring learning to read and write for toddlers based on individual needs.

A World of Books and Words

Reading is a magical gateway to new worlds for young minds. At My Cubby House, we:

  1. Foster child reading skills with a diverse collection of books.
  2. Encourage exploration of stories, enhancing imagination and vocabulary.
  3. Provide regular, enjoyable reading sessions, sparking a lifelong love for books.

Encouraging Expressive Writing

Communication is key in literacy development. Our programs focus on:

  1. Offering writing activities for kids, from scribbling to simple words.
  2. Utilising fun tools and materials to make writing an exciting part of daily play.
  3. Guiding children to express their thoughts and stories through written words.

Integrating Play with Learning

Play-based learning is at the heart of our literacy program. We blend preschool literacy programs with fun, engaging activities that naturally enhance reading and writing skills.

Join Us on the Literacy Journey

At My Cubby House Early Learning, we’re passionate about guiding children through the exciting world of literacy. Our programs are designed to create confident readers and writers, setting the foundation for their future success. Explore the wonders of early literacy with us and see the difference we can make in your child’s life. For more information on our literacy programs, contact us at  (07) 5527 1679 .🌟

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