The importance of reading to your child


Reading to your child can benefit their future. But how?

We all know that reading can play a huge part in your child’s development, but it can also benefit them for years to come – from school to university and life in general.

Here at My Cubby House, we have studied hard and have created a list of the benefits associated with reading to your child.

Improvement in literacy

Literacy development is important in children especially early on as it is the foundation for life. The way your child’s literacy develops can have an impact on doing well at school, being able to socialise comfortably, working, saving money and developing independence.

By reading to your child, you are helping them develop an understanding of words as well as sounds.

A few good ways for improving literacy include:

  • Looking at the pictures in the book and discussing what the pictures are about
  • Letting your child sound the words out – this can be a massive benefit later in life, especially with spelling and being able to break the word up in to syllables.

Language Development

By reading to your child early on in their life, it can help to introduce more complex words. This can play a greater role in improving and strengthening their oral and comprehension skills especially for when they are ready to start at school.

A few ways to improve language development include:

  • Getting them to read the book to you – this can improve their pronunciation for words.
  • Spell out the word – this can help with their grammar and doing assignments at school.

Improves Brain Function

We do like running or yoga to stay fit, but how does the brain stay in top shape? By reading with your child, you are basically doing a brain workout. This workout helps to improve the neurobiological attention that is required to remain focused and improve intelligence.

Both concentration and attention of the brain can also benefit from reading. These are two of the most important skills as they lay the foundation in life. It can also reduce the chances of Dementia and Alzheimer’s from occurring as reading helps to engage the brain and prevent it from losing any power.

Improves Knowledge

Books are the main source of your knowledge. These days, books can cover anything from science, geography through to self-help. The more books you read, the more you improve and expand your knowledge. Reading to your child can be a major part of their development and can help them in the future with work, completing assignments and even studying.

Early Learning at My Cubby House

If you are wanting more information about how reading can benefit the development of your child or looking to begin the early learning path, feel free to contact us and we are happy to discuss this in more details.

By reading to your child, it is helping to improve their literacy as well as brain function and knowledge. All these things can help them in their future development, especially schooling.

These two techniques should help you:

  • Get them to read the book with you – can help to improve pronunciation of words
  • Spell the word out – This is super important as it can dramatically improve their ability with grammar and spelling when they start going to school.

Through reading, your child is expanding their knowledge and also keeping up to date with major topics like science, geography as well as the English language.

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